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Welcome to So Say Scotland we are a politically neutral, broad minded, nonprofit and currently voluntary project, imagining Scotland as a Hub of Democratic Innovation. 

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Scotland Loves Democracy. Do You? Lets get Engaged!

After the success of last years Thinking Together assembly, we now launch our second participatory and deliberative democratic innovation. Wee Play is a card
game on the independence referendum; designed to be played anywhere by anyone. We are calling lovers of democracy to get engaged by contributing hard cash and soft
skills to get this game into the hands of young and old alike across Scotland. At this pivotal point in history Wee Play creates a safe and trusted space where, rather than playing to win, people play to learn, and hone their opinions.

Get engaged here: www.scotlandlovesdemocracy.org

Thinking Together

In 2013 we used £7k of cash to leverage £80k worth of in-kind contributions in the creation of the first Thinking Together Citizens’ Assembly on the Future of Scotland. Inspired by and connected to the Icelandic assembly movement, the assembly process supports people to think together, from a place of shared values, about how to make something better. The process has subsequently been used by various organisations and has sparked demand for more events across the country.

Find out more about the movement we sparked and the impact it had, Explore our Treasure Trove Report


Where we are coming from and where we hope to go! We are on a mission to support and promote participative and deliberative democracy throughout Scotland. We are gathering together a network and working to illustrate and demonstrate democratic innovation.  

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We are a group of artists, academics, practitioners, systems administrators, policy makers and interested citizens. Our Guiding Principles are Collaboration, Dialogue, Diversity, Working to Strengths and Consent. We have come this far on the sweat equity of the founding members, nascent network members, advocates and expert support. Who knows what the future will bring? For now we are concentrating on making more magic happen, as the moved we sparked takes flight again!

Introducing our current Team here


We prefer to work with individuals and organisation in a collaborative way. In sharing our knowledge, resources and willingness to learn we become much more than the sum of our parts. In the Thanks section we count our blessings and acknowledge people and organisations as they contribute to the success of the So Say Scotland journey.

Giving Thanks for what we have together here